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Sunday, March 18, 2007

We left Ft Myers, Florida

...with the kayaks loaded on the truck and began following the Gulf Coast.

We've seen alot of interesting and beautiful places since then. One of the first places we stopped was at a Florida State Park on St. Joseph Pennisula. There were miles of lovely, white, sand beaches that Marcia enjoyed walking on and sand dunes that reminded Brendan of his childhood in Miller Beach. We would both recommend this park to anyone who wants to lounge on a pristine beach with few others. Sunsets were wonderful and there really was very little population anywhere near.

Soon we were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We stayed at an RV Park within walking distance to the French Quarter. Our RV neighbors included the 'Jagermeister' and the 'Girls Gone Wild' rigs. We had fun visiting with the locals, watching parades, collecting beads and doing our best to blend in!
Rockport/Fulton, Texas is midway between Houston and South Padre Island and was a lovely, little fishing town. One of the parks we stayed at was directly across the street from the bayview below. A town with a very slow pace and very reasonable pries for everything including waterfront homes. The town had "Oysterfest" while we were there and it was charming.

Brendan enjoyed watching the shrimp boats come and go but didn't enjoy the food poisoning that had him reeling for several days. He'll probably never eat Red Snapper again.

We had planned to go to South Padre Island, but when we learned that the Spring Breakers had taken over the island we decided to spend a few days on Mustang Island just East of Corpus Christi. We daringly drove our home onto a ferry and rode over to the island where we were rewarded with another nice state park and more miles of beach to walk and ride on.

Leaving the coast, we headed West and spent some time at Falcon reservoir in South Eastern Texas. We did some kayaking, bird watching (its all the rage down there!), took the nature walk around the campground, crossed into Mexico to buy some supplies, and watched for illegal border crossings over the Rio Grand from the Roma Bluffs in Del Rio, Texas.

Continuing Westward following the Rio Grande, we are now find ourselves in and around Big Bend National Park. This is a place of unexpected natural beauty! The rocks, the canyons, the cactii and the blue sky make for some breathtaking views. Big Bend is one of the darkest places in the US (very little light pollution) and a park ranger gave us an astronomy lesson and stargazing tour in the darkness last night.

A visit with the Gallaghers

We had loads of fun visiting with Jim and Suzanne Gallagher in Ft Lauderdale, Florida! We sat in their back yard (by the pool) and told stories (old and new) and generally annoyed the neighbors until pretty late on a Saturday evening. Go see them, they know how to throw a party, you will not be disapointed.