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Friday, December 14, 2007

West coast Fall 2007

Heading further on in Oregon we had to “hole up” for a few coach repairs. One of the slide-out mechanisms failed and of course we had to get that fixed. We got to find out that there are some very caring and generous people in Oregon. After some blood sweat and tears we were fixed and off to the southern Oregon coast.

Anyone who has seen the Oregon coast knows it’s beautiful, nothing has changed. We got to experience both hard rain and sunny warmth depending on the day. Traveling along this rugged stretch of coast was just one picture opportunity after another. We saw every manner of view and seascape you can imagine.

Heading south and chasing summer we ended up in the Giant Redwoods. Wow! It’s hard to grasp the volume of wood massed in each of these giants. This is certainly one of those times when pictures just don’t do the subject justice. Marcia informed me (after some research) that there are Coastal Redwoods (the tall ones) and Giant Sequoias (the thick ones further inland). 2000 years old these monsters inspired awe and humility. If you have never seen them go check them out.

On The City By The Bay. We ended up parking in an RV park at the very north end of San Pablo Bay which is connected to San Francisco Bay. We got to ride ferries in to the city and hang around the wharfs and do a bit of shopping. Riding the ferry back to the RV park at night was excellent. The view of the city and the surrounding mountains lit up with homes and roads was really something. We even got to experience an earthquake while we were there. Check off another life experience. Coincidentally, we got to hook up with Sandra S while we were there. All 3 of us took a day trip to Muir Woods. What a magical place! The whole park seemed wheelchair friendly and we all wandered aimlessly for hours. I will remember the rich thick pine scent and the dark cool atmosphere forever. The floor of the forest was deep with shed needles, moss everywhere. It is just such a special place.

Further south we stopped in the California delta. This was an odd place that had large rivers running through it but the curious thing was that “islands” were sunken dry spots developed between dikes. Sort of reverse island as we commonly think of them. It was pleasant enough but I felt a ting of danger. An earthquake out there could destroy a dike and well you know the rest.

We headed back out to the coast and stopped in Monterey. Mike and Theresa N. ended up flying out for business and we all got to hang for a couple of days. We went out on a whale watching tour and had some great seafood. It was wonderful seeing both of them, even for just a couple of days.

Further south we stopped in L.A. and did some touristy things. We had lots of fun but if you have been to L.A. you know it’s a good day when you leave too.

South again we stopped in San Diego for Thanksgiving and the Granite Bar at Jim and Tammy B’s house. Mark and Rai flew out and we started to celebrate the holidays. Of course we had a great time and I have to say that Jim and Tammy are magnificent and generous hosts (as always). Thanks again you two!

We headed East and are currently in Palm Springs. Brendan likes it here but there are roads ahead yet to see. We’ll stay warm and keep you posted soon.